Trading System

Order type/Order book/Order attribute

1. Regular lot order

2. Stop loss order

3. Immediate or cancel

Base Price & operating ranges applicable to the Debt security on the first day.

Base price of the non-publicly issued debt security on the first day shall be the previous days closing price for the debt security in the wholesale debt market segment. The base price of the non-publicly issued debt security on subsequent trading days shall be the daily closing price of the debt security in the debt segment.

Price ranges of debt security

The daily price ranges applicable to non-publicly issued Debt securities shall be kept at +/-1% of the base price for debt security. In respect of orders which have come under price freeze, the members would be required to confirm to the Exchange that there is no inadvertent error in the order entry and that the order is genuine. On such confirmation, the Exchange may take appropriate action.

Trade Modification requests

Trading members shall be permitted to modify trades with respect to Client Codes. Order level trade modification facility for modifying client codes associated with all trades of the order shall be available.

Trade cancellation requests

Requests for trade cancellation, if any, permitted by the Exchange shall be allowed on the same trading day during the Normal Market Hours.